Eye Thrive removes the barriers of access and expense that stand between too many poor children and a bright future.

Our history

– 2004 –  

The Eye Care Charity of Mid-America (ECCOMA) was founded.

– 2013 –

ECCOMA acquired a state-of-the art mobile vision clinic.

– 2014 –

We visited our 100th school in December 2014.

– 2015 –

ECCOMA broadened our impact and partnered with over 20 new schools.

– 2016 –

We performed our 6,000th exam in September 2016.

– 2017 –

ECCOMA acquired a custom-made 2 exam lane Mobile Vision Clinic, allowing us to double our impact.

– 2018 –

We performed our 10,000th exam in March 2018.

– 2019 –

ECCOMA became Eye Thrive in June 2019.




Our Vision



2 Full Time Doctors

       200+ School Visits                Every Year      


Provide More Than  5,000 Pairs of Glasses Every Year




Eye Thrive gives more than free glasses.  

We change lives.






We are dedicated to helping children and parents learn about the importance of eye health and the impact uncorrected vision can have on a person's life.

Find more information from Think About Your Eyes and from the Vision Impact Institute in ENGLISH and in SPANISH.



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